Bandazhevsky and  colleagues – Publications & reports

    The Reports of Independent Experts and Medical Publications on Health Consequences of the Chernobyl Explosion.  Professor M. Fernex.   This important contribution serves as an introduction and helps contextualise the series of articles by independent experts published in the Swiss Medical Weekly.

     SWISS MED WKLY :   Editiorial Andreas Schaffner,   "Chernobyl – Opening the pages to scientific authors from Eastern Europe".  2003;133:473    


    SWISS MED WKLY :   Y. I. Bandazhevsky,  "Cs-137 incorporation in children’s organs"2003;133:488-490  


    SWISS MED WKLY Yuri E. Dubrova,  Department of Genetics, University of Leicester, U.K.  "Monitoring of radiation induced germline mutation in humans".  2003;133:474–478  


     SWISS MED WKLY G. S. Bandazhevskaya, V. B. Nesterenko, V. I. Babenko, I. V. Babenko, T. V. Yerkovich, Y. I. Bandazhevsky,  Relationship between Caesium (137Cs) load, cardiovascular symptoms, and source of food in “Chernobyl” children – preliminary observations after intake of oral apple pectin".    2004;134:725–729


     SWISS MED WKLY V. B. Nesterenko, A. V. Nesterenko, V. I. Babenko, T. V. Yerkovich, I. V. Babenko,   "Reducing the 137Cs-load in the organism of “Chernobyl” children with apple-pectin".  2004;134:24–27


     SWISS MED WKLY A. E. Okeanov, E. Y. Sosnovskaya, et O. P. Priatkina,    "A national cancer registry to assess trends after the Chernobyl accident"  43/44, Nov 2004.

 (resumé en Français)


  European Radiation Research :  R. I. Goncharova, and N. I. Ryabokon,   "Mutation process in chronically irradiated Bank Vole population indicates the transgenerational genomic instability induced by Chernobyl fallout".  August 25-28,  2004



Abstracts of papers presented at the International Conference :  "Health effects of the Chernobyl accident : results of 15-years follow-up studies"

June 4 - 8, 2001, Kiev, Ukraine


    International Journal of Radiation MedicineY.I. Bandazhevsky,   Incorporated Cs 137 and pathology of the thyroid gland".    2001 :, 3 (1-2)


    International Journal of Radiation MedicineY.I. Bandazhevsky, Radiocesium and congenital malformation".      2001 :, 3 (1-2)


    International Journal of Radiation MedicineY.I. Bandazhevsky et G. Bandajevskaya,   Incorporated cesium, and cardiovascular pathology     2001 :, 3 (1-2)


    International Journal of Radiation MedicineY.I. Bandazhevsky et  V.B.Nesterenko, Cs137 Measures and Public Health   2001 :, 3 (1-2)


    International Journal of Radiation MedicineV.B. Nesterenko, A.N. Devoino, I.E. Nesterenko, V.V. Golub, A.V. Vinnnikov, A.A Mukhlaev.  Monitoring of the population of the Chernobyl region of Belarus for radioprotection, by assessment of radionuclides in food and the human organism   2001 :, 3 (1-2)


    International Journal of Radiation MedicineV.B. Nesterenko, L.V. Bordak, Vl.B. Nesterenko. Pectine Food Additives - Radiomonitoring of the Population in Belarus  2001 :, 3 (1-2)



Abstracts of papers presented by CERRIE (Consultative Exercise on Radiation Risks of Internal Emitters)  June 2002


    Institute for Radioprotection "Belrad”, Minsk, Belarus:  V.B. Nesterenko. Radioprotective measures for the Belarussian population after the Chernobyl accident.


    Institute for Radioprotection "Belrad”, Minsk, Belarus:  Nesterenko V.B., Babenko VJ., Erkovitch TV., Derfugo VA., Babenko I.V., Nesterenko I.E. 

Monitoring of caesium contamination in children of Belarus after Chernobyl. Radio protection with pectin

Gomel State Medical Institute  and other Publictions

    Y. I. Bandajevsky : Report to the Ministry of Health of Belarus
   Y. I. Bandajevsky : Evaluation of the health conditions of children residing in the Chernobyl area

    Bandazhevskaya, Nesterenko et alia :  Functional state of the cardiovascular system in childre

   Gres & Arinchin  :  Peculiarities of pathology formation in children

    The decision of the ethic committee


Belrad  - Publications & reports

            Belrad - The Independent Institute of Radiation Safety
            Project - Assessment of the effectiveness of "Vitapect" (Pectin)
            Project Placebo - Radiation monitoring of children living in Chernobyl zone of Belarus
            Project  -  Radiation monitoring of children and protection by pectin
            V. Nesterenko  -  The Pectin project 

Projects submitted to the European Commission for TACIS

             Technical assessment of Pectin
             TACIS Project - Effectiveness of "Vitapect"
             TACIS Project - Radiation protection of children
             TACIS Project - Radiation monitoring of foodstuffs
             TACIS Project - Monitoring the health of children

Other publications & reports


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