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The Institute of Radiation Safety “Belrad” (Institute Belrad) is an independent organization, formed in 1991.

 An objective of activity of Institute Belrad consists of development of measures of the providing of radiation safety and population protection at the territories polluted with radionuclides due to the carrying out necessary research work, development, and the organization of inculcation of their results in practice.

 The Institute Belrad carries out its research and technical activities in follows directions:

The Institute Belrad established 370 local centres in Minsk, in Gomel, in Mogilev, in Brest region and in Minsk city. Local centres make measurements of radioactive pollution levels of food and agricultural production which are produced in private farms. At present time < 100 local centres are working, because of financial problems. Dosimeter “Sosna”, radiometry devices Belrad-1, Belrad-2 were created. Device Belrad-2M, beta-gamma-radiometer for instrumental determination of consent of Sr in food and in agricultural products are in a process of development and modernization.

 Automatic information system RAPIT was created for the gathering, accumulation, handling, and evaluation of information which is got from network of local centres of radiation control of food in Republic of Belarus.

 System RAPIT allows:

With the help of this system it is possible to reveal zones (areas) with anomaly high level of         radioactive pollution of food, to give proof of measures in radiation defense of population and estimation of their efficiency.  

In the Institute were created mobile radiologic laboratories equipped with spectrometers of human irradiation (SHI). The Institute organizes field trips for examination of children in schools and kindergartens of Chernobyl zone of Belarus on SHI. Results of examinations send to the Ministry of Health and local authorities for providing protective measures. Lists of children with high quantity of radiation in their organism are presenting to Charity organizations in Belarus, Ireland, Germany, France, USA and Austria in order to include those children in rehabilitation groups.

The Institute together with medical institutions finished tests and proves high efficiency of withdrawal of heavy metals and radionucleids through use of pectin substances ("Yablopect"). Taking of pectin tablets "Yablopect" for 20-25 days provides rapid withdrawal of radionucleids from organism on 30-40%.

 It's recommended to include "Yablopect" in children's menu in schools and kindergartens 3-4 times a year for pectin prophylaxis. It's costs 50 DM for one child for the whole year.

Those programs do not get any financial support from the Belarus' government.

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The Institute of Radiation Safety "Belrad"


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