The Bandajevsky Committee

A support network

Professor Bandajevsky was arrested on July 13, 1999. In September,  W.Tchertkoff  heard the news by chance:  together with  Michel  and  Solange   Fernex,  Bella Belbéoch, they alerted Amnesty, who adopted Yuri as a prisoner of conscience. They contacted President Chirac, the Belarus Embassy, the European Parliament etc. In February 2001, the CRIIRAD (Commission de Recherche et d’Informations Indépendantes sur la Radioactivité) committed itself to supporting Bandajevsky and collaborating with  Professor Nesterenko   and the Belrad Institute in February 2002. Together, with  other associations, they organised a demonstration on  May 25, 2002 in Geneva.

The Bandajevsky Committee

which was set up in Grenoble includes these various organisations and others, such as "les Amis de la Terre, l’École de la Paix" etc. and it addresses itself to all those who feel concerned and wish to defend truth and justice. The committee acts in liaison with the pioneers of the support for Bandajevsky and in permanent liaison with Galina (his wife), Nesterenko and the lawyers of Yuri Bandajevsky.

Our objectives:

     To overcome the silence which has, up to now, surrounded his case and bring it to  public attention.
     To intercede with the authorities by petition and letter for his release
     To help its wife with lawyer's expenses, the purchase of drugs etc.
     To facilitate the continuation of his research, by providing financial backing for the independent Institute BELRAD under Professor Nesterenko, another courageous researcher, who is implementing Bandajevsky's discovery..
     To provide assistance to Belarus children by financing the purchase of pectin.  This drug facilitates the partial elimination of radioactivity ingested by food contaminated by Caesium 137 to the order of 30% - 40°/°  per month.

Our actions

    Projection of the film:   Mensonges nucléaires – Atomic lies" (W. Tchertkoff)  October 2002
    Conference / debate at the "Muséé de la Résistance et de la Déportation" Grenoble  with projection of “Mensonges nucléaires" 
    Letter to the President of the Republic, J. Chirac (November 9, 2002) and other ministers.
    Articles, letters published in different papers:  Le Monde, la Croix, l'Humanité, Politis, New Scientist
    Letters and food parcels to Youri.
    Proposition of his candidature for a "Doctor honoris causa" at the Université  Joseph Fourier, Grenoble.
    On-line manifesto.