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The Bandajevsky committee was first formed  in June 2002 and the web site created in December of  the same year. As the aim of the committee was to work for the release of Youri Bandajevsky once that goal had been attained, it became our intention to bring our activities to an end on January 6th, the official date of this release.

After the birth of the CRIIRAD-Bandajevsky laboratory project, Youri Bandajevsky formulated the desire that the CRIIRAD should be his sole spokesman. (See  letter from  Bandajevsky, 20. 11. 05 and the committee's answer,  30. 11.  05.    - In French.)  Consequently the committee is disbanding but continues to encourage support for on-going campaigns  - reimbursing the fine and the purchase of "Bricks" for the CRIIRAD-Bandajevsky laboratory – which is one way of allowing Professor Bandajevsky and his wife, Galina Bandajevskaya, to return to their research.

 This site will be transformed into an archive in the near future.




A recapitualtion

In 1990, at the age of 33, Youri Bandajevsky, a researcher and anatomo-pathologist, was appointed to the post of rector of the Institute of Gomel in the contaminated zone of Belarus. There, his research quickly focussed on the effects of internal caesium 137 contamination in children.  Together with his wife, a paediatrician, he discovered a quantitative relation between the degree of radioactivity contamination in a child's organism and the severity of pathological symptoms such as cardiac arrhythmia, early ageing, reduced immunisation defences…

In 1999, he published his findings and, at the same time, criticised the policy of the Ministry of Health which refused to acknowledge the fact that the soil and food in the area were contaminated by radioactivity.

Shortly after, he was arrested, accused without proof of corruption and sentenced to 8 years' prison.  Numerous legal irregularities were recorded during the trial and he was adopted by Amnesty International as a prisoner of conscience. Our committee has been set up to combat this injustice and to defend the right to truth:

- the right of researchers to work and publish without hindrance

the right of the public to have access to knowledge

Since June 2002, Youri has shown signs of having been subjected in prison to psychological pressure and psychiatric treatment as a result of which there has been an alarming decline in his physical and mental health.


You can join the defence committee:
Amnesty International, the CRIIRAD (Commission of Independent Research and Information on Radioactivity),
 l’École de la Paix, les bibliothèques de Grenoble, les Amis de la Terre, l’AFMT (French Association of Thyroid Patients), GSIEN (Scientists for Information on Nuclear Energy), ADES (Association: Democracy, Ecology, Solidarity), the Greens (Isère), Cultures d'Europe (Chambéry), France-Libertés.



The Bandajevsky affair  - A resumé  

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